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"against wolfaboos"

Welcome to Anti-Wolf

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 6:21 PM
:derpwolf: by Cynpai Hate the Ignorance, Not the Animal :derpwolfla: by Cynpai

Guidelines and Submissions
:bulletgreen: Love your fellow Anti-Wolfers.
:bulletblack: Your account must be 3+ months old to join. When applying for membership, provide a reason why you want to join. If you are moving from a previous account to re-join, please link us to your previous account in your application.
:bulletgreen: We do not encourage/allow trolling here, nor will we participate in it.
:bulletblack: Do not post links to stupid comment chains, stupid people, or stupid deviations on or off deviantART in the comments section. If you want to share something stupid, please join our private forums.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why was my join request denied?
A: You didn't read the rules.

Q: Why do you hate wolves?
A: We don't. We do, however, despise the rabid, childish fanbase and ignorant wolf advocates.

Q: Then why do you have a kill counter displaying wolf death tolls?
A: The kill counter is strictly for informational purposes, and is a tool which a handful of self-proclaimed "pro-wolf" websites and organizations also utilize. Our numbers come from the Department of Fish and Game (for each state, respectively).

Q: Why are you called "Anti-Wolf?"
A: The name is meant to be provocative in order to draw attention to our cause.

Q: What exactly is the point of this group?
A: Our mission is to be a powerhouse of knowledge regarding wolves, informing the public about their true conservation status, proving the dangers of wolves to humans, debunking the lies perpetuated by radical animal rights groups, idiots on the Internet, and wolf advocacy organizations, and promoting the welfare of lesser-known species that truly need our help and attention.

Q: Can I join your group?
A: Absolutely. As long as you're not a wolfaboo and provide reason for wanting to join.

Q: What is a wolfaboo?
A: A person who recklessly advocates for the lives of wolves at the cost of human life and livelihoods, and the ecosystem at large, often harassing and employing threats of violence or death against anyone they perceive as "anti-wolf" (e.g., hunters, wildlife conservationists, taxidermists, furriers), as well as deliberately perpetuating false information about wolves in order to further their radically "pro-wolf" agenda. Not to be confused with wolf fans, who merely harbor a modest interest for the animal or enjoy drawing them.

Q: Your group location says North America; can I still join if I'm not from there?
A: Of course! Anti-Wolf is a global group. North America was selected because we focus moreso on wolves in the United States. We still provide information on wolves all across the world, however.

Q: Why did you hide my comment?
A: If your comment was hidden, chances are you broke the linking rule, or your comment was deemed nonconstructive/unnecessary. Such comments include those meant to negatively provoke group staff and members.

Q: How can I submit art to your group without upsetting my friends and watchers?
A: Submit your work directly to the group, and your watchers will not be notified.

:bulletred: FINAL?: BLM appears to have backed off for the time being. The cattle have been returned to Cliven Bundy, but not until after a reported 130 head died of heat exhaustion after being chased by helicopters, two more were shot by BLM agents, and one bicyclist was murdered by a BLM agent at a checkpoint around the ranch in days prior to this citizen revolt.

This battle has been won, but the war is still being waged. The BLM is still going after cattle ranchers in other states, trying to shut them out of their land as well. Stay vigilant, friends. When you see injustice, remember that silence is acceptance.

:bulletred: 6: BLM claims they will stand down; Bundy demands disarming of park service, dismantling of checkpoints government signs around ranch, and for BLM to prove that they will leave Bunkerville alone for good
:bulletred: 5: AT&T messaged the Bundy's phones, stating: "AT&T supports Cliven Bundy and family in their time of struggle."
:bulletred: 4: FAA has shut down air space around the Bundy Ranch to encourage media blackout
:bulletred: 3: Senator Harry Reid, son, and Chinese behind Bundy ranch land grab
:bulletred: 1: Local cell phone towers possibly deliberately shut down, or overloaded

I apologize for not getting the Animal of April up yet, but I feel there's something a little more important to pay attention to this month. In case you've been living under a rock, the government is having a showdown with a small ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada, and it may take a turn for the worse.

Cliven Bundy is the last rancher standing in Gold Butte, saying that his former ranching neighbors have been regulated out of their homes and livelihoods by the unruly, ever-expanding U.S. government. Bundy's claim to the land his cattle are grazing on goes back as far as 1870, long before the Bureau of Land Management, whom he is waging his range war against, was ever created. In the 1980's, they told ranchers that cattle could no longer graze on that land because an allegedly endangered tortoise resided there. However... The government was willing to let that tortoises' endangered status slip their mind for a modest fee, and allow cattle to graze on that land. Cliven Bundy was having none of that, and set his cows out to graze on the land that belonged to him, without paying the fee.

It's being compared to Ruby Ridge, and even Waco. Currently, the Bundy ranch is surrounded by government foot soldiers and snipers armed to the hilt, low-flying aircraft, helicopters armed with snipers, and police. Park rangers have rammed protestors with trucks. Police have tased protestors for filming them, sic'ed dogs on protestors who dared to step out of the two small First Amendment "zones" around the ranch, and even threatened to shoot them where they stood. Snipers have killed some of Bundy's cattle, others have been seized and reportedly auctioned off or killed, and calves whose mothers have been taken have been damned to starve to death, because Cliven can't leave the ranch under threat of arrest. Are the tortoises really so important that they have to do all of this?

No. They're not. At least, not to the government, who plans to destroy that habitat to make way for the Ivanpah Solar Power Project. The conservation program for the tortoise is losing its funding this year, and most of the juvenile tortoises in the program will be euthanized as a result of the plans for the solar farm. This was never about the tortoises; it's about control.

Every road leading to the Bundy ranch has been shut down, and even with the feds on the cusp of declaring Martial law in Nevada, 5,000 armed militia members are expected to show up in support of the Bundy ranch today. One militia group, Revolution NOW, has posted their intentions in a video on YouTube. The "We Support Cliven Bundy" Facebook page reports that the Vegas Patriots will arrive at 4PM local time, and they are organizing for more protestors and militias to arrive to defend the ranch. We will not be posting the coordinates of or the directions to the Bundy ranch, but they are floating about on the Internet.

Keep your thoughts and prayers with the people involved in this. If you live in the vicinity of this area, stay inside and stay safe. The We Support Cliven Bundy Facebook page has more information on how to get up-to-the-minute updates on this ongoing situation.

"When injustice becomes law,
rebellion becomes duty."

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not wolf related but man has anyone seen this Journal option…
XD (well mindfucking was never this easy thank you DA)
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What a selfish piece of trash!  This stupid bitch needs a few goods whacks with a Louisville Slugger.…
Not animal related but still facepalm-worthy. A hair stylist in London hung up an advertisement in his window making fun of Kim Jong Un's hairstyle.  Now he's being harassed by goons from the North Korean embassy (which happened to be within walking distance of his business).  The dumbest part?  The North Koreans actually called the police to complain about it.…
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