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"against wolfaboos"

Welcome to Anti-Wolf

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 6:21 PM
:derpwolf: by FelisTipsy Hate the Ignorance, Not the Animal :derpwolfla: by FelisTipsy

Guidelines and Submissions
:bulletgreen: Love your fellow Anti-Wolfers.
:bulletblack: Your account must be 3+ months old to join. When applying for membership, provide a reason why you want to join. "Love wolves, hate wolfaboos" doesn't sufficiently explain your interest in the group to us. If you are moving from a previous account to re-join, please link us to your previous account in your application.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why was my join request denied?
A: Either you didn't read the rules, or we found your behavior questionable.

Q: Why do you hate wolves?
A: We don't. We do, however, despise the rabid, childish fanbase and ignorant wolf advocates.

Q: Then why do you have a kill counter displaying wolf death tolls?
A: The kill counter is strictly for informational purposes, and is a tool which a handful of self-proclaimed "pro-wolf" websites and organizations also utilize. Our numbers come from the Department of Fish and Game (for each state, respectively).

Q: Why are you called "Anti-Wolf?"
A: The name is meant to be provocative in order to draw attention to our cause.

Q: What exactly is the point of this group?
A: Our mission is to be a powerhouse of knowledge regarding wolves, informing the public about their true conservation status, proving the dangers of wolves to humans, debunking the lies perpetuated by radical animal rights groups, idiots on the Internet, and wolf advocacy organizations, and promoting the welfare of lesser-known species that truly need our help and attention.

Q: Can I join your group?
A: Absolutely. As long as you're not a wolfaboo and provide reason for wanting to join.

Q: What is a wolfaboo?
A: A person who recklessly advocates for the lives of wolves at the cost of human life and livelihoods, and the ecosystem at large, often harassing and employing threats of violence or death against anyone they perceive as "anti-wolf" (e.g., hunters, wildlife conservationists, taxidermists, furriers), as well as deliberately perpetuating false information about wolves in order to further their radically "pro-wolf" agenda. Not to be confused with wolf fans, who merely harbor a modest interest for the animal or enjoy drawing them.

Q: Your group location says North America; can I still join if I'm not from there?
A: Of course! Anti-Wolf is a global group. North America was selected because we focus moreso on wolves in the United States. We still provide information on wolves all across the world, however.

Q: Why did you hide my comment?
A: If your comment was hidden, chances are you broke the linking rule, or your comment was deemed nonconstructive/unnecessary. Such comments include those meant to negatively provoke group staff and members.

Q: How can I submit art to your group without upsetting my friends and watchers?
A: Submit your work directly to the group, and your watchers will not be notified.

Hey guys! How many of you remember back in 2011 when this article was making headlines? It was such an amazing event -- just think about it -- a Gray wolf subspecies was living in Africa right under our noses! According to this article, the Golden jackal subspecies Canis aureus lupaster was mtDNA tested and "proven" to be a Gray wolf subspecies through 100% bootstrap support (which, genetically speaking, roughly means rebuilding the phylogenetic tree through many reiterations and got the same result).

Today, this wonderful article has been trending all over the place! But what does it mean? Well, just by reading the headline or the abstract I'm sure you can guess that it definitely relates to the 2011 article. Indeed, it does. This article is not so much a rebuttal or refutation as it is clarifying the fact that no, Canis "lupus" lupaster is not a subspecies of gray wolf, but it is indeed its own species -- Canis anthus. The designated name for this animal that these researchers suggest using is, as you've guessed from the articles floating about, African golden wolf. Dark-Hyena and I have vowed to not use this name as it promotes the misnomer "wolf." The native name for this animal is thoa.

After all of this is said and done, what we must remember is this: coyotes are still the closest living relatives to wolves. Not Ethiopian wolves. Not African golden wolves. Coyotes.

Personally, I think "wolf" is just a name environmentalists slap onto endangered canids just to give them good PR, regardless of whether or not they are closely related to grey wolves. -DarkHyena
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WinterJackal Featured By Owner 4 days ago
The African golden jackal is now classified as a separate species (Canis anthus) from the Eurasian golden jackal. I thought you may find this information to be interesting. It's something I've thought for quite a while and it's awesome to see it confirmed. 
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Pencilartguy Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago
Did you guys hear about a dentist who lured a lion named "Cecil" by tourists and fans out of a protected area and shot him with an arrow? He had been charged with poaching a bear as well. I heard a lot of people so pissed he actually had to go into hiding and at least for the time being closed his dentistry.
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poppybrolll Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I got a perfect score! Thanks for your help, guys!
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poppybrolll Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This is going to be the second essay in biology that I've used you guys as a reference. Thank you.
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f14ace Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
So apparently the sun is going to go to sleep and we're gonna enter a mini ice age within the next few years.  Yet the "global warming" crowd is still spewing their bullshit about rising sea levels and disappearing ice caps.  In fact, they'll still be spewing their bullshit when we have glaciers all the way down to Tennessee.
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