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"against wolfaboos"

Welcome to Anti-Wolf

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 6:21 PM
:derpwolf: by Cynpai Hate the Ignorance, Not the Animal :derpwolfla: by Cynpai

Guidelines and Submissions
:bulletgreen: Love your fellow Anti-Wolfers.
:bulletblack: Your account must be 3+ months old to join. When applying for membership, provide a reason why you want to join. If you are moving from a previous account to re-join, please link us to your previous account in your application.
:bulletgreen: We do not encourage/allow trolling here, nor will we participate in it.
:bulletblack: Do not post links to stupid comment chains, stupid people, or stupid deviations on or off deviantART in the comments section. If you want to share something stupid, please join our private forums.
:bulletgreen: Submit your work to the proper folder.
:bulletblack: We don't accept screencaps or snark/parody work in the gallery.
:bulletgreen: Don't submit a stamp to the gallery if a similar stamp has already been submitted, unless yours is of better quality.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why was my join request denied?
A: You didn't read the rules.

Q: Why do you hate wolves?
A: We don't. We do, however, despise the rabid, childish fanbase and ignorant wolf advocates.

Q: Then why do you have a kill counter displaying wolf death tolls?
A: The kill counter is strictly for informational purposes, and is a tool which a handful of self-proclaimed "pro-wolf" websites and organizations also utilize. Our numbers come from the Department of Fish and Game (for each state, respectively).

Q: Why are you called "Anti-Wolf?"
A: The name is meant to be provocative in order to draw attention to our cause.

Q: What exactly is the point of this group?
A: Our mission is to be a powerhouse of knowledge regarding wolves, informing the public about their true conservation status, proving the dangers of wolves to humans, debunking the lies perpetuated by radical animal rights groups, idiots on the Internet, and wolf advocacy organizations, and promoting the welfare of lesser-known species that truly need our help and attention.

Q: Can I join your group?
A: Absolutely. As long as you're not a wolfaboo and provide reason for wanting to join.

Q: What is a wolfaboo?
A: A person who recklessly advocates for the lives of wolves at the cost of human life and livelihoods, and the ecosystem at large, often harassing and employing threats of violence or death against anyone they perceive as "anti-wolf" (e.g., hunters, wildlife conservationists, taxidermists, furriers), as well as deliberately perpetuating false information about wolves in order to further their radically "pro-wolf" agenda. Not to be confused with wolf fans, who merely harbor a modest interest for the animal or enjoy drawing them.

Q: Your group location says North America; can I still join if I'm not from there?
A: Of course! Anti-Wolf is a global group. North America was selected because we focus moreso on wolves in the United States. We still provide information on wolves all across the world, however.

Q: Why did you hide my comment?
A: If your comment was hidden, chances are you broke the linking rule, or your comment was deemed nonconstructive/unnecessary. Such comments include those meant to negatively provoke group staff and members.

Q: How can I submit art to your group without upsetting my friends and watchers?
A: Submit your work directly to the group, and your watchers will not be notified.

Endangered USA - American Burying Beetle by Finwitch Nicrophorus americanus by Crowspeaker Nicrophorus americanus by theRast

Scientific name: Nicrophorus americanus
Common names: American Burying Beetle, Giant Carrion Beetle
Conservation status: Critically Endangered
Geographic range:

Fun Facts
:bulletgreen: It's thought that the reason for decline in this species may be due to habitat degradation, lack of small prey carcasses to feed from (availability of carrion), or even the extinction of the passenger pigeon (one theory).
:bulletblack: The American Burying Beetle only lives for 12 months.
:bulletgreen: This is one of the few species of beetle in which both male and female partake in the raising of offspring.
:bulletblack: A captive population at Boston University are being bred for reintroduction into the Wah'Kon-tah Prairie in southwest Missouri.
:bulletgreen: These beetles are nocturnal, and can travel as far as one kilometer in a night.

American Burying Beetle on Wikipedia | American Burying Beetle on ARKive | American Burying Beetle on IUCN Redlist

American Burying Beetle was suggested by sulfide! Leave your suggestions for February's animal in the comments section, and be sure to tell us what you thought of this month's animal!
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HunterStrait Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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sulfide Featured By Owner 12 hours ago

Aren’t They Cute?

The video below is a female German wolf person that has traveled to British Columbia to demonstrate how benign and misunderstood wolves are in order to counter growing outrage about increasing numbers and presence of wolves in Germany. Her location is one where the wolves have very likely never experienced such human submissiveness or non-reaction. Despite the music, this is a classical bit of wolf propaganda that will ultimately be just one of many misrepresentations that will eventually result in human injuries and deaths from wolves.

The #1 comment below and link to the video is from Dr. Val Geist, a Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science residing in British Columbia. He is a world-renown and respected authority on wild mammals and predators in general and wolves in particular.

The #2 comment below is from an academic and respected expert at Oklahoma State University.

These comments speak for themselves.

1. Please take a look at this video and never mind the German narration (which is a complete misunderstanding of the wolves! And never mind that the young lady figured is vying for the Darwin Award). This is a superlative video of wolves exploring. I think the wolves have met humans before, but never prostrate ones. They are still at the beginning of their exploration. Sincerely, Val Geist…

2. Although I couldn't understand the narrative well enough to be sure, apparently the conclusion was that this "experiment" proves that wolves are harmless because they didn't attack the young woman. She was lucky. Rather than be so passive, she could have done those wolves a favor by a salvo of gunfire or a good dose of heavy pepper spray. They needed some sensitization. If a pack of wolves encounters a human for the first time, the most likely first question they'd consider is, "Is it dangerous?" If yes, move away. If no, probe a bit more to be sure. If probing produces no countermeasures, proceed to next question, "Is it edible?" In the first issue of "The Wildlifer" a few years ago, Val published a piece entitled, "How Close is Too Close?" With that in mind, the answer for this young woman was "WAY too close!" Definitely not a good place to camp.

TO: Dark-Hyena, I got this in my e-mail! Please read!

ThatFreakyZephyr Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, could we make a folder of other fursonas that look natural or of endangered animals?
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Thylacine333 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015…  video of red colobus mokies from zanzibar eating charcoal  (to absorb toxins.....sorta like what parrots do with clay -…
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